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The Strength of Our Rock

Karlton Investment Group, Inc. is a true value investor. Over the last 20 years, it has acquired properties on the basis of current cash flow and future upside. Accordingly, the risk profile of a typical acquisition may be higher than that of a core asset, but not nearly as high as that of a ground-up development project. We accept no entitlement or developmental risk. We invest in retail properties, office properties, multi-family residential properties suitable for condominium conversion, and selectively industrial, anywhere in the continental United States, with a focus on the East Coast. We are presently not an investor in hospitality properties.

Property Portfolio
Bellsouth Tower - Jacksonville, Florida
Cedarview Apartments - East Lansing, Mich
Catawba Mall - Hickory, North Carolina
1. Does the investment offer sufficient cash flow to support debt while delivering a current return to the equity?
2. Can we secure attractive financing for the acquisition?
3. Is the "upside" (a euphemism for appreciation or value creation) sufficient to meet our minimum annual IRR (internal rate of return) objectives?
4. Can we foresee a capital event enabling us to extricate most or all of our equity investment within 3-5 years by means either of a sale or refinancing?
5. Can we manage the investment to our exacting standards, given our present resources and those of the marketplace?
6. Is the marketplace in which the investment resides on a positive path to growth?
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ChairmanFred Karlton

Fredric Karlton is President of Karlton Investment Group Inc., a Miami Beach based real estate investment and development company. He directs the daily operations of the 15-employee company and oversees all departments including finance, acquisitions, sales and marketing and project management. More specifically, Fred Karlton is actively involved in the transactional side of the business, managing and finalizing contractual negotiations.
Rocky Stein is Managing Director of Real Estate Investments
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